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2021 Complete Guide for Wix Website.

This article is about WIX , a free website builder tool that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your website presence exactly the way you want with examples .

The Wix website builder is built on a freemium business model, earning its revenues through premium upgrades.

Wix was founded in 2006 by Israeli developers Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan.

How to Create a Wix Free Website

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Follow these simple steps to create a website today  with no cost:

  • Sign up for a free website builder

wix sign up interface

choose wix website types pic

  • Choose your creation option with Wix.

choose Wix ADI or Wix Editor to create your website

wix website examples templates

  • Drag and drop 100s of design features. Add text, galleries, videos, vector art, and more.
  • Get ready for business. Add an online store, booking system, members area, and blog.
  • Publish your website and go live. Start building your professional online presence.
  • Drive traffic to your site. Use advanced SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.
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Why the Wix Website Builder Is the Best Choice for You

Create a free and professional website.

  • 500+ Templates
  • Eye-catching templates examples
  • Free reliable web hosting
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Over 180 million people choose Wix
  • Online store
  • Online Scheduling software
  • Blogging
  • Logo Maker
  • Custom domain
  • SEO tools integrate
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unlimited fronts
  • App Market
  • And more futures

Wix is more than just a website builder, it’s a complete online business solution.

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Wix Website Cost

Upgrade Your Site with a Premium Plan. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Premium Plans

Website Plans Cost

Great for showcasing a professional site.

This Most Basic Plan displays Wix ads

Connect Domain
USD 4,50/Month

For Personal Use

USD 8,50/Month ( Connect Domain Pack + 30 minute Showcase & stream your videos online)

Entrepreneurs & Freelancers
USD 12,50/Month ( Combo Pack + 1 year Site booster App + 1 year Visitors App )

First Priority Support

USD 24,50/Month ( Unlimited Pack + Professional Logo + Social Media Logo Files )

Buisness Premium Plan

Essential for accepting online payments.

Accept Online Payments

Business Basic
USD 17/Month

Grow Your Business

Business Unlimited
USD 25/Month ( Business Basic Pack + Subscription + Multi currency + Social Channel + Drop shipping By Modalyst + Reviews )

Get the Full Suite
Business VIP
USD 35/Month ( Combo Pack + 1 year Site booster App + 1 year Visitors App )


Is a Wix website really free?

Wix is free with no time limits, but if you need professional services for example your own domain name, you can choose Wix plans.

How much does a Wix website cost?

It depends on the chosen package. The monthly subscription starts with USD 4.50 You can still use the free plan.

Is Wix unprofessional?

Great for showcasing a professional site.

Does Wix own my domain name?

Find the perfect domain for your site, your WIX voucher will be waiting for you at checkout.

Does Wix charge for online store?

It all depends on the chosen package

Can you pay monthly for Wix website?

Absolutely Wix plans are monthly.

Do Web designers use Wix?

Yes anyone can use WIX

How much does Wix charge per month?

Professional plans from USD 4.5 per month and Business plans from USD 17 / month.

Is Wix good for online store?

With Wix, you can create an Online Store, Run and Grow Your eCommerce Business



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