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Best Website Speed Test Tools in 2021.

This article is about the best tools to test the speed and load time of a website.

These tools will not only analyze your website to detect any anomalies but also provide suggestions to correct errors in order to improve the loading time of your website and its position in search engines.

Wondering what loading time is best?

After much research and comparison, it is now time to show you our selection of the best website speed test tools you can use.

However, please note that the values obtained are estimated and may vary.

PageSpeed Insights Test

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Make your website fast on all devices.

PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a page on mobile and desktop devices and offers recommendations for improving the speed of a web page.It also provides a score by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze lab data on the page as follows:

Lab data PageSpeed Insights

PSI performance score test pic

A score of 90 or above
Need Improvement
Score 50 to 90
Score Below 50


PSI classifies field data into 3 group.

Firt : FCP Below 1 second , FID 0 to 0,1 second , LCP 0 to 0,25 second and CLS 0 to 0,1

Need Improvement
Second  : FCP 1 to 3 second  , FID 0,1 to 0,3 second , LCP 0,25 to 0,4 second and CLS 0,1 to 0,25

Third  : FCP  over 3 second  , FID over 0,3 second , LCP over 0,4 second and CLS over 0,25



Lighthouse separates its audits into three sections: opportunities, diagnostic, and passed audits.

website speed audits test

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GTmetrix is my second favorite tool for you to easily test the performance of your webpages.

You can also test your page’s performance in 22 different locations around the world and make sure it loads fast for all of your visitors around the world.

Wondering why your page is slow?

Get a detailed assessment and discover optimization opportunities with the following tools:

Lighthouse metrics and audits

Get a cumulative benchmark of your page performance based on the site’s score and structure.

gtmetrix grade score and performance

Web Vitals (LCP, TBT, CLS)

Web Vitals is the core metrics that you should focus on to deliver a fast website experience. These metrics include:

Gtmetrix web vitals metrics

Various Analysis Options

See how your page is performing on different devices in different locations around the world.

test on different devices in different locations

Waterfall, Video and Report History

This new release brings forth a revised GTmetrix Report with new tabs. We detail each of the tabs below:

Gtmetrix summary tab

report history page metrics after website test

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Pingdom is an easy to use tool for both beginners and web developers.
This website speed test tool will not only help you analyze your website loading speed but also optimize your website performance.

The test result shows all of your site’s performance from rank to page load time.

Pingdom show speed test results pic

Then it provides you with the response codes, size and content type, and all file requests filtered by load time, domain, and file size.

pingdom website speed test show resutls

You can also download and share your test results.

You can also download and share your test results.

And finally a complete legend of your files by colors for a possible opportunity to improve your site.

pingdom speed test legend colors

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Webpage Speed Test

Webpage Test is another free website speed test from multiple locations using browsers with real connection speeds.

web page performance test for kurtsamps

You can run a simple speed test or perform an advanced test.

test a website's performance in mode simple or advance interface pic

Your website speed test results

These results will provide you with rich diagnostic information, including resource loading waterfall charts, page speed optimization checks, and suggested improvements.

webpage test performance results pic

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KeyCDN Speed Test

What are the KeyCDN website speed test tools?

This tool will allow you to test and measure the performance of any HTML page.

Additionally, there is a full waterfall that details the schedules and HTTP headers for each asset.

The returned test results obtained

These results will give you a breakdown of requests, content size, and load time.

keycdn show returned test results pic

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Hope the above free speed test tools help you optimize your website and save loading time.
The ideal would be to load your web page in less than 3 seconds.

Otherwise, you should continue to improve your site interest through the recommendations of these tools.

Finally, you can also quickly improve the performance of the site by using CDNs (Content Delivery Network) which are geographically distributed servers.
Here is a list of some CDNs that I recommend for you:

Cloudflare: Leader in DDoS protection

Amazon CloudFront: Faster content delivery network service

Akamai: Cloud security solutions for media and Software

Fastly: Programmable edge cloud platform.

StackPath: Secure Edge computing resources

MaxCDN: MaxCDN is now StackPath

CacheFly: Delivering Video with Less than 1s Latency

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